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Word of the Week 3

Success: Why are there so few useable synonyms for success? Attainment, accomplishment and achievement are all possible but don't work in many contexts. For example, "the party was a great attainment" just doesn't mean the same as "the party was a great success". I particularly struggle with the Yorkshire Young Achievers' Awards where it is difficult to find any alternative to success or achievement when writing about our winners. I suppose I could stick with the colloquial version - boy done good! 

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Ackrill Business Awards

Good night at the Ackrill Media Group Business Awards last night. Hearing the district's success stories makes me proud to live here.

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Word of the Week 2

Curmudgeonly: describing a bad tempered or surly person. I like this word because it sounds like its meaning - best said in a broad Yorkshire accent. I also have a particular fondness for it because I once bet a journalist friend that he couldn't get it into the front page lead of a quality broadsheet and he succeeded!

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Word of the Week 1

Incandescent: emitting light as a result of being heated

I love the way that a word that has such a dry literal meaning has been adopted to illustrate the height (or should that be depth?) of emotion, particularly in relation to rage.


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Welcome to new-look website

I tell my clients that new websites are not news unless they have something unique about them and that is something that very few achieve. I'm certainly not claiming any unique features but I am in public relations so it would be a real case of the cobbler's children being worst shod if I didn't at least draw attention to the fact that it's new. My aim is to give a flavour of both my professional strengths and what makes me tick - if you are interested, keep browsing.


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