Countdown to Yorkshire Young Achievers Awards

sara.lamper's picture

Given that I have been working with the Yorkshire Young Achievers Awards for 13 years now, you might think that the excitement has waned a bit over the years. However, it is fair to say that, with seven weeks to go until this year's event, I am already chomping at the bit to get cracking.

It is another ten days before judging takes place and I can start work on researching and contacting our shortlisted nominees and I just can't wait to find out more about the stories behind them.

I'm also slightly over-excited about the fact that this year is the 21st anniversary of the Awards and that there is an outside chance, if people are generous, that we could take the total raised to more than £1 million.

I know there will be times in the next few weeks when I will be tearing my hair out with frustration at not being able to contact people, spending hours on the phone discussing the script for the evening and stressing over whether I'm keeping all the balls in the air but it will be worth it  just to see the face of the Youngster of the Year during the first Award of the evening. Call me soft if you like, but that is the moment when it all comes together and we make some family's night and I love it!