Free PR

No, this isn’t an opportunity to get me to do some free work for you.

On the basis that unsolicited praise is always the most valuable, here are some of the people and organisations that I believe deserve a free plug! They are all good eggs!

In alphabetical order:

Yorkshire’s premier equestrian event and one that I’ve missed only once in the last 30-odd years.

Because I am a former Trustee and because this is a charity which really puts the needs of its end-users first and spends its money wisely. Anyone who doesn’t believe me can call into the Harrogate office and watch the staff “hot-desking” on an involuntary basis because there are often not enough seats to go around.

These three are together because they are all photographers. Not only do they take excellent pictures but they are all a complete pleasure to work with - for me and for my clients.

Not only because it’s a handy place for a coffee but also because I have a great fondness for the Yorkshire Agricultural Society and for the building itself which was constructed by one of my clients.

Because if ever a design company always went the extra yard, this is the one

Because it looks like something that comes out of a tap on a Highlands campsite but tastes amazing and smells so divine that I would wear it as a perfume if it didn't mean I'd run the risk of being breathalised.

The best solicitors in town – yes, I do do their PR but it is a two-way relationship and they have done some effective and timely work for me with regard to probate and conveyancing.

In fact, any form of motorcycle racing because it’s so exciting. You might see a Valentino Rossi or a Marc Marquez in F1 but never a Guy Martin!

Rob Hall

For all his help with this website and for putting up with all my stupid questions!

For excellent service and a sense of humour!

Anyone who knows me knows about my links with this amazing charity and its annual awards. I’ve met some truly fantastic people through this, both famous and unknown to a wider audience.