Meeting people

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It's been a solid week of networking thanks to the Yorkshire Mafia Buy Yorkshire conference, the Ackrill Business Awards and the Yorkshire Business Market.

All three were great opportunities to catch up with old friends and colleague and to meet new people and hear about their businesses, their aspirations and their strategies.

I sometimes feel guilty about networking, after all, it's not "proper" work is it? In reality, networking is never time wasted and a new contact made now may turn out in three years' time to be the best contact you ever made. I love working from home but I also love getting out and meeting people and finding out what makes them and their businesses tick.

I might not like them, agree with them or want to do business with them but I learn something new from every encounter. And those who fall into this category are few and far between - most people are great!

After spending all that time networking, I had better get on with some "proper" work!