New location and Olympic excitement

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Finally catching up after a couple of months of turmoil, including our long-overdue house move. Those who came to see us at Druid's Cave Farm will know what a perfect setting it was but the new place is just as lovely in a completely different way. The good news is that the office is as large as at Druid's so I can finally sort out the rest of my filing!

I also got to handle an Olympic torch - surprisingly heavy - at the launch of the 2012 Yorkshire Young Achievers Awards, courtesy of the lovely George Stocker, former winner of the Youngster of the Year Award and torch bearer extraordinaire!

There are other distractions, however, including today's thrilling finish in the Olympic eventing - well done Team GB! I've spent the day doing client cuttings so that I could keep an eye on the action. Not one of my favourite tasks but I would be moaning if I didn't have it to do.

I will be getting my head down for the rest of the week to tackle more creative tasks, such as newsletter writing and media releases, at least until the Olympic dressage begins...