Word of the Week 6

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Colleague: A person with whom one works in a profession of business. It is easy for those of us who spend a large portion of the day working alone to assume that we don't have colleagues. However, that assumption is a long way from the truth as I have begun to recognise more and more in recent months. I count many people among my colleagues, including:

Client colleagues - people I work with on a daily (or sometimes hourly) basis to achieve our objectives.

Fellow PR professional colleagues who offer endless encouragement and often practical help - you know who you are!

Photographer, designer and IT specialist colleagues - all generous with their time and expertise and willing to try new solutions to old problems

Media colleagues - OK some of them might be better classed as old mates but there are many media professionals who go the extra step to be helpful and I see them as colleagues

Some colleagues will remain friends long after the end of a professional relationship; others are more transient. All have a role to play and should be appreciated!